Eating Clean.

I am doing a number of things differently this time. I am “eating clean”, eating REAL foods rather than processed junk. I do allow myself cheese and some other dairy products, but no pre-packaged foods. Also, I need to focus on increasing my vegetable intake, something I have struggled with all my life. I am going to compile a list of easy, fast, & healthy vegetable recipes and put them in a favorites folder on my computer.

I also need to remember why I am doing this. In the past I had focused on the vanity aspect of weight loss. It is very difficult to tell yourself that it is for health purposes when you are young & naive. However, I do have a very good reason for doing this now, one that will help me stay motivated: I want to feel more confident. I have always had some self-loathing due to my continuously heavy weight and I am so sick of it. I deserve better for myself!

Also, I have learned from my mistake yesterday… I will be eating breakfast EVERY DAY now. Granted it can be small (& probably should be), I just need to make sure that I am eating often… keep that metabolism up!

Today I am allowed 800 calories, and I will surely use them wisely!!!

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of Blueberries + 1/2 Mango (total: 109 calories)

Lunch: 1 slice wheat bread + cream cheese + 1 egg sunny-side up + flax oil (300 calories)

Dinner: Chicken + Steamed Broccoli + Mashed Potatoes + Dried Prunes (417 calories); I should not have eaten the mashed potatoes, those accounted for a whopping 220 calories!!!)

Total826 calories; My goal was 800 calories, but when you subtract the fruits+veggies from my intake, I would be right on target. I still have much room for improvement though, seeing as how I have technically gone over my allowed calories on day 1 & day 2.


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