Wow – Check out that weight!!! I am already back to my “standard” weight. Now, let the real weight loss begin! I am so happy & proud of myself. Today will be my 4th day on HSGD & I am allowed a whopping 1,000 calories. However, since I went far over on Day 1 (where I was allowed 900 calories & instead had 1,261 calories), then I have decided to make today 900 calories. Then, I will only have 261 calories to make up.

I had my favorite strawberry jam for breakfast today & it tasted like pure heaven! It’s amazing how my taste buds were all over that. Mmm… I think that will be my replacement for chocolate and my little sweet treat, but for breakfast only!

Breakfast: 1 slice wheat bread + cream cheese + strawberry jam + 1/2 cup of blueberries = 251 calories (yayy!!! It was quite the tasty one & less than 300 calories!)

Lunch: TBD…


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