Moonrise Kingdom

What a beautiful movie.

(Bill Murray is quite the good looking man.)



Summer is here!

I am so excited for this summer vacation!!! I will be doing an internship [with physical labor –which I really want] in environmental conservation work in Nevada – whoo hoo! Also, I might be going to Minnesota for a Board Meeting for a non-profit organization. Then, I also have an extensive reading, studying to do for the GRE, and an independent research project to complete; so it’s going to be a busy summer. (There is also a slight possibility that I might be attending a conference in Chicago!)

My days shall be filled with productivity, learning, and relaxation. I am so excited to be able to spend some time with my mom and to shift my mind onto educational projects that interest me.

I realize, I am such a nerd. My love for Sociology and Sociological/Philosophical literature is all too amusing.

… and I will read my textbooks for class, and work on my independent research project…

I will do all of the things that I have neglected, for I know my responsibilities now and no longer will I feel ashamed for my constant torpor. I want to learn, to be proud, to feel accomplished, and to do well.

I want to go to Yale.

I am very happy to say that I am free of the stress, emotions, and anxiety that was surrounding my commitment to that research project. I can feel it in my bones – this is going to be a great weekend. I have started my fitness boot camp membership and I am getting used to the idea of always being sore. Today, I’m going for a run with the boot camp and later I will be studying for my Biology exam. 

Oh boy, did I put an absurd amount of disgusting products & chemicals in my body today! I feel like the stress is eating me up & therefore I am eating all of this crap & junk “food”. Honestly, I can never remember a time in my life when one thing, especially something like a research project, was mentally destroying me so much.

Something’s gotta give. This isn’t healthy.

Busy Busy Bee

Buzzzzzz off! I just want a moment to breathe. I don’t want to think about your research, I don’t even want to think about my research – I just want to live my life and help save the world. My obligations are piling up, one on top of the other; there’s just too much that needs to be done. Is it motivation that I lack or am I simply disinterested? Either way, it’s crunch time.